Our community is composed of a diverse group of property owners and properties. Our property owners include young couples with families, retirees, and weekenders. The community includes about 7,000 acres and 2,200 home sites. Properties range from one to more than twenty acres. In some units, horses and livestock are permitted. 
The property owners are active in conservation initiatives to enhance the property values in Mystic Shores.  This is accomplished by promoting scientific studies and projects that promote the biodiversity and health of indigenous wildlife.  There are also education initiatives for water conservation, light pollution, and landscape enhancement with indigenous plants.

The Mystic Shores Property Owners Association is a non‑profit organization. The Association owns and maintains common properties and facilities including public rights‑of‑way or easements, walls, fencing, safety lanes, green belt landscaping, sprinkler systems and fountains, parks and recreational areas. 

Every property owner is an automatic member of the Property Owners Association and shares a portion of the responsibility for its support. Current annual assessments are available by contacting the Alamo Management Group

Note: Property owners in The Peninsula and Rio Central are members of two associations and pay a separate assessment to their POA, in addition to the master association.