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Water update
Update from CLWSC as of this morning (2/19/21):
Currently our water treatment facilities and groundwater production stations are operational at full capacity. Our distribution teams are investigating possible line ruptures in our system. However, our network monitoring and observations show that our water delivery system is losing significant amounts of water from business and household plumbing systems – from customer pipe bursts, leaks, or dripping hose bibs and faucets. Until these are resolved and repaired, our service area may continue to experience low to no water pressure.
We need your help and the help of customers. While many have no water at this time, we’re asking any customer with water to please conserve it as much as possible. Any non-essential water use will negatively affect our water supply to customers.
We ask that customers and our community inspect their homes, businesses, and all areas for possible leaks. Customers can check their meter to identify any unknown usage (See tips at
Leaks can also be reported at Or call 830-312-4600.
Our crews will be surveying the entire service area to investigate, isolate, and restore service to all communities. We also have crews reading meters to identify high usage consumption and we will be sending notifications to those customers.