Text Msg Info

You are cordially invited to participate in the pilot of our POA's text messaging initiative. The three month pilot will take place from September 1 - November 30, 2021. Results will be presented at the board meeting on December 6th. If the majority of participants deem it a successful test, we will pursue approval for a full implementation.
These text messages are not group messages like you might use with your friends. Your phone number is not exposed in any way. Also, these are one-way texts. Your response to these texts will go no where (unless you type in STOP in which case, you will no longer receive these texts).
If approved for full implementation, participation by any property owner will be completely voluntary (and require that they opt-in). E-blasts will continue to be sent to those who wish to receive them. (The cost of this initiative to the POA is $25/year for the sending telephone number and $15 for each batch of 1,000 messages.)
In order to initiate your participation in this pilot, please log into the website and navigate to Your Profile (top right of the screen) > Update Profile. Scroll down to the bottom of the profile page and enter the phone number at which you receive text messages in the "Text Messaging" field. (Feel free to make other corrections to your profile - we've likely added some fields since you last visited this page.)
While it is possible to turn off e-blasts and only receive text messages, we ask you not to do that at this time. You will be able to compare the messages and provide feedback as to the effectiveness of the text messages. Also, if our pilot is not successful, you will still receive e-blasts when it is over.
Brief text messages (160 characters or fewer) will be sent from our number (1-8554780704) whenever an e-blast is sent out. These messages will include subjects from the e-blasts and a link to a more detailed message on a password-protected page on our website. (In our survey, this was preferred over a link to a pdf document.) Note that - because 165 characters is VERY small - you may receive multiple messages. We will make these as brief as possible. The link will be on the last message only (as it uses 22 characters by itself). The link - https://tinyurl.com/POA-Text - will never change - the latest text message information will be posted on this web page. And, unfortunately, we need to use the 27 characters "Reply STOP to unsubscribe" to increase the chances that our messages are not marked as spam and filtered out by carriers.
If you have recommendations for improvement, please do not hesitate to provide this information via email (sorry!) to  webmaster@mysticshorespoa.com
Example of Text Message: