Your fellow Mystic Shores property owners welcome you to our 7,000+ acre community. We hope that you enjoy our natural Hill Country, lake and river environment as well as the many amenities that are available.
The Mystic Shores Property Owners Association (MSPOA) is managed by a five-member volunteer board of directors. Directors serve two year staggered terms and are elected by MSPOA members. Day-to-day administrative responsibilities are delegated to Diamond Association Management & Consulting.
Additionally, several volunteer committees provide service to the Mystic Shores community under the direction of our board.

Your purchase of property in Mystic Shores automatically makes you a member of the MSPOA with all the rights and responsibilities involved. As a property owner, you are encouraged to register on our website to access our private pages where additional information about our community can be found. Registration on the website will also ensure that you receive our email communications. (Note that only verified property owners are approved for this access.)

All property owners are encouraged to become involved in our community. Consider attending our social functions, board meetings, and/or joining a committee. These are all great ways to meet your neighbors and build that sense of community that we all cherish! 

Have you thought of something that we missed on this page? If so, send a note to the Communications Committee now with your suggestion! We'd appreciate your input to make this page more helpful.

Welcome from our Board of Directors

Your Board of Directors welcomes you to the Mystic Shores community.  As volunteers, elected by Mystic Shores property owners, our goal is to ensure that MSPOA upholds its commitment to you.  You may remember seeing at your closing two documents entitled Declarations Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (DCCR) and Amended and Restated By-Laws of the Mystic Shores Property Owners Association (Bylaws).  These documents are the foundation for the Association’s responsibilities to you as well as your membership responsibilities and rights.  If you haven’t already done so, please become familiar with them.  You don’t have to dig through that stack of documents from your closing, they are available on the Association’s website, as well as other useful guidelines, under the tab “Public Information.”  If your lot is in the Peninsula you will also find an additional DCCR document specific to your units.
We are privileged to work with over one hundred property owner volunteers.  As you can readily appreciate, volunteerism is the life-blood of the Association.  Since 2009, when property owners took over responsibility for the Association, property owners have managed the Association’s principal responsibilities, rather than turning them over to a management company.  By property owners stepping up, our Association has saved tens-of-thousands of dollars in assessment fees, strengthened community team spirit, and enhanced personal satisfaction. As our community grows at an ever-increasing pace the need for volunteers will become even greater.  We invite you to support Mystic Shores by volunteering your time and talent.
We are also fortunate to have an exceptional Community Manager on our team.  She is part of Diamond Association Management and Consulting (DAMC) which delivers administrative and financial support services to the Association and its members.  A welcome from her can be found below in which she outlines the various services available through DAMC. 
The Mystic Shores website, E-blasts and Newsletters are the primary communications used to keep you informed about Mystic Shores community resources and activities.  Through the website you will learn about the requirements to build your new home, amenities available to you, as well as Committee events and activities in which you might want to become involved.
We look forward to meeting you in person.  If you would like to speak with a Board member please contact them as indicated on our "Meet the Board" page.

Welcome from our Community Manager

Diamond Association Management & Consulting (DAMC) has been engaged to manage the day-to-day administrative functions of the association. We at DAMC wish you a warm welcome to Mystic Shores!
When you purchased our property, you should have received a small packet from us. If you didn't or if it has been awhile, we'd appreciate your review of the documents below.

Access Cards for Mystic Shores Amenities
  • Each family is entitled to two (2) card keys per family for the Mystic Shores amenities, regardless of the number of lots the family owns. This rule was established at the direction of the Board of Directors.
  • Access cards are provided to property owners upon request only by contacting the association office. The card will allow access to the Mystic Shores Lake Park, Shoreline Park and Community Center.
  • If you are a property owner who is also a tenant at the Mystic Shores Boat & RV Storage facility, your card will be enabled for access to this facility. Availability of spaces in this facility is quite limited. See below for additional information regarding this facility.
  • Please keep track of your cards. Replacement cards will be issued upon request for a fee of $25.00, payable in advance. Please report lost or stolen cards immediately so that they may be deactivated without delay.
  • If you are selling your lot, please return your cards to the Community Manager so that they may be recycled. Do not pass your cards to the new owner. Frequent audits are done and those who have sold their properties will have their cards deactivated.

Mystic Shores Vehicle Decals
  • The Mystic Shore vehicle decals are designed to enhance security within the Mystic Shores. The McKinley Security Patrol watches for suspicious vehicles in the neighborhood and checks each vehicle for the decal.  If there is not a decal, they run the license plate number and engage the driver to be sure that it is safe.  McKinley Security is on watch in our parks, the nature preserve, neighborhood streets and along 306 by the Devil’s Hollow.  The local sheriff’s department and McKinley Security strongly encourage displaying the MS decal on each vehicle. They should be placed on the upper left hand corner of your back windshield. 
  • New property owners receive two (2) decals at no cost. Because many who purchase property in Mystic Shores do not immediately build here, these are not automatically mailed upon your purchase. Please contact the management team for your decals.
  • Additional or replacement decals may be purchased at a cost of $5 each by contacting the Association Office at (210) 561-0606 or by visiting the Association Office at 14603 Huebner Road, Building 40, San Antonio, Texas 78230

Membership & Waiver Form
  • Entry to the pool areas requires a pool tag. Two pool tags are issued annually per family upon request. 
    • Pool tags are issued annually with each pool season.  Pool tags are NOT reusable and the tag is a new color each year.  
    • The Board has approved the mailing of the pool tags for 2020 to Mystic Shores Property Owners who have a current pool waiver on file.
  • Prior to being issued pool tags, it is necessary that a membership & waiver form be completed and returned to the Community Manager. The form can be returned via US Mail, email, or fax (210-690-1125).
  • Property owners may also obtain pool tags during on-site hours on Tuesdays at the Community Center or they may visit the San Antonio office from 8:30am – 5pm Monday thru Friday. (On-site hours temporarily suspended due to COVID)
  • Pool tags are issued ONLY to Mystic Shores property owners. The owner database is updated and reviewed weekly during the pool season.

Management Company Portal
  • View account history including assessments, fees and fines. You can also make payments online via the portal.
  • Review information regarding violations.
  • The DAMC portal is completely separate from the MSPOA website and it is necessary to set up your online account on the portal separately.
  • The portal can be conveniently accessed via the Contact Us page on the MSPOA website or directly.

On-site Office Hours
  • Generally, our Community Manager is on-site at the Community Center in the Tonkawa Room on Tuesdays from 9 am - 4 pm. (The address of the Community Center is 25801 Hwy 306, Spring Branch, TX 78070.) temporarily suspended due to COVID
  • It is suggested that you make an appointment to ensure availability of the community manager.

YOUR Mailing Address
  • It is the responsibility of property owners to advise the property management company of any changes in your mailing address or other contact information to ensure that communications (annual assessment, annual meeting, and other notifications) from the association are not mis-directed or delayed.
  • This can be done via the DAMC portal or by contacting the administrative team via email or telephone at 210-561-0606.

Annual Assessment
  • Using the postal addresses provided by property owners, annual statements are mailed in November of each year. Payment is due January 1. Payments should be mailed to the Association at the address identified in the mailing or made using a credit card via the DAMC portal.

Annual meetings of the membership are held in the spring/summer of each year. The board of directors and committee members provide an overview of the previous year and elections of new board members are held at this meeting. Due to the size of the membership, this meeting is held offsite. Current plans indicate that the 2021 annual meeting will be held virtually. This ensures the maximum participation of members (some of whom do not yet reside in Mystic Shores or may be traveling) and considers the concerns regarding the spread of COVID.
Board meetings occur regularly and are open to the membership. These meetings are held in the community center and information regarding the meetings is published in the Association's email communications. Due to COVID, these are currently held virtually and links to the meetings are provided to all website-registered property owners who elect to receive Association email communications.

Mystic Shores Amenities

The Mystic Shores POA provides a number of amenities for its members:
  • Boat & RV Storage - This outdoor storage facility is located at 210 Star Grass, Spring Branch, TX 78070 and is owned by the Association. Property owners are eligible to use this facility for an additional fee. There are a limited number of covered and uncovered spaces and there is a waiting list for some types of spaces. Contact our Community Manager for more information and to put your name on the waiting list.
  • Community Center - This building is located at 25801 FM 306, Spring Branch, TX 78070. The 3,900 square foot building is equipped with a catering kitchen, a small fitness room, various meeting rooms, restrooms and a "great room". Rooms in the community center can be reserved by property owners. Your access card is required for entry.
  • Dodder Pool - This pool is located on the north side of FM 306 at 86 Dodder Lane, Spring Branch, TX 78070. It is open seasonally (usually Memorial Day - Labor Day). Hours are 10 am - 8 pm Sun - Thu and 10 am - 8:30 pm Fri and Sat. A pool tag is required for entry.
  • Shoreline Park - This park can be accessed from N. Cranes Mill and is adjacent to the boat ramp parking lot. It is equipped with picnic tables and barbeque grills. This 23 acre park can be entered with your access card.
  • Lake Park - This 21 acre park is located at 282 Grosbeak, Spring Branch, TX 78070. Entry is via your access card.
    • This park has an open air pavilion, two tennis courts (both are striped for pickle ball), a basketball court, playground, two sand volleyball courts, concrete walking path, BBQ pits with picnic tables along the lake, and a large swimming pool and kiddie pool. (Note that pool tags are required for entry to the pool area.) Pool hours are 10 am - 8 pm Sun - Thu and 10 am - 8:30 pm Fri and Sat.
    • Restrooms are available in both the pool area and the park. 
    • The open air pavilion is available for reservation by property owners. The swimming pool cannot be reserved.
  • Nature Preserve/River Park - This 214 acre park overlooks the Guadalupe River is located in the southwest section of Mystic Shores. Access is limited to Mystic Shores property owners. The code to the swing gate can be found on the private side of our site.
  • North Pavilion - The 36 acre park and pavilion at 61 Vista Lake, Spring Branch, TX 78070 is currently being studied for refurbishment.
Additional information regarding our amenities is available on the password-protected area of our website.

Mystic Shores Committees

Our volunteer committees are the backbone of the Association. Standing committees include:
  • Amenities & Maintenance Committee - The purpose of the Mystic Shores Amenities and Maintenance Committee (the “Committee”) is to assist the Board of Directors of the Mystic Shores Property Owners Association (“MSPOA”) and the Association’s management company maintain the Association’s amenities and other common areas (collectively, the “Common Areas”) in Mystic Shores.
The Committee will accept volunteers, as needed, from the Association membership or residents in Mystic Shores who are interested to work on Committee activities.
Some of the activities of the Committee are as follows: 
  • Develop a list of projects for the Common Areas that need attention or improvement, work with the Association management company obtain bids as necessary, evaluate the bids, then submit recommendations for action to the Board and Association management company.
  • The Committee works closely with the Association management company to ensure contracted work is completed and done correctly, and is within budget. 
  • As necessary, the Committee reviews and recommends modifications to contracts pertaining to the Common Areas.
  • Committee members are requested to frequently check all units and areas of Mystic Shores to determine if maintenance or other action is required. Other tasks also may be assigned, as determined by the Chairperson.
  • The Committee provides recommendations regarding maintenance and repair of the Common Areas to the Chairperson.
  • The Committee performs "self help" projects (pressure washing, minor painting projects, etc.) as determined by the Chairperson and the Committee.
  • The Committee will conduct an annual inspection of the Common Areas of the Association as identified in the Reserve Study. As necessary, the Committee will work with the Board and the Association management company to identify maintenance/repair/replacement of the Common Areas assets.
  • The Committee is a group of volunteers working for the common good of the community.  All actions taken by the Committee are taken in the best interest of MSPOA. 

  • Architectural Control Committee - The volunteers who comprise the ACC prepare and meet weekly to carefully review property owner applications for all proposed structures or exterior improvements in the 21 different Units that comprise Mystic Shores. Each application is reviewed for compliance with the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions for Mystic Shores (Master DCCRs); the relevant Supplemental DCCRs and Amendments; and the Architectural and Site Design Guidelines requirements prior to approval or disapproval. Attention to detail is a key component of the ACC review and analysis process. The Committee takes its role and service to the community very seriously with respect to the enforcement of Mystic Shores’ governing documents and maintaining strict compliance with Texas State Property Codes due to the importance of protecting property values for all property owners.
    • Relevant forms can be found on the public side of our website:
      • Public Documents > Architectural Guidelines, Forms & Checklists

  • Communications Committee - The Communications Committee enthusiastically welcomes you to Mystic Shores. Our committee strives to foster communication within our community. To that end, we maintain a robust website, publish a quarterly newsletter, and support our board of directors with frequent emails to all registered property owners.
    • We are always looking for property owner volunteers to support our efforts and it is not necessary to be a RESIDENT property owner. Those who have not yet had an opportunity to build their dream home are also encouraged to join our effort.
    • Our committee members enjoy writing about things of interest to the community - local restaurants, events and attractions, happenings within Mystic Shores, and the impact of state and local legislation on our property owners. We also collect reports from other Mystic Shores committees and contribute photographs for our newsletters and website. We are open to ideas for other content also.
    • Our meetings are held quarterly but we are in more frequent contact via email. Do you have an interest in getting out, exploring and then writing about it? Do you like to take photos of the area? Do you have an interest in writing? Do you have website experience you'd like to share? Perhaps you have other interests/talents that would be helpful to foster communications. We hope that you will consider joining us!

  • Community Center Committee - The purpose of the Community Center Committee (CCC) is to assist the Board of Directors of the Mystic Shores Property Owners Association in operating and maintaining the CC in accordance with the Rules and Procedures published on the POA website.
    Volunteering as a member of the Committee gives you an opportunity to get to know other members of the Community who understand the value of being a volunteer and contributing to the overall value of the Mystic Shores Community. As a member of the Committee, you have an opportunity to utilize your talents to benefit the Community.
    Committee members cover three areas of responsibility, being a Monthly Monitor,  overseeing the IT capabilities, and the repair of needed items that aren’t functioning properly. The Monthly Monitor checks on the CC several times a week to insure everything is functioning properly and to take corrective action if necessary. Our IT members handle any of the IT challenges that arise on a regular basis. The repairs that the members perform help to reduce the overall expense of the CC.
    The Community Center facility provides a variety of opportunities for our members. We have several rooms that can be reserved for meetings, a kitchen, one room for larger gatherings, and two exercise rooms. The one exercise room has four different exercise machines and a weight area and the other room is utilized mainly for Yoga.

  • Conservation Committee -  Conservation Committee membership is open to any and all interested Mystic Shores property owners.  Our focus is to promote preservation of and education on the Hill Country natural resources that drew us all to this area.  We also work to preserve cultural assets found in our neighborhood.   We host educational programs presented by experts from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Texas AgriLife, and similar agencies.  We occasionally sponsor educational and recreational field trips.  The Conservation Committee meets monthly on the third Wednesday at 9:30 in The Crossing.  Additional information can be obtained via email to our committee.  

  • Events Committee - The Events Committee - together with interested property owners - hosts/sponsors a number of activities during the year. Guest speakers from our neighborhood share their expertise on topics ranging from "The Moon" to "History of the 711 Ranch".
    Suggestions for events or expert speakers are welcomed. Recent examples include:
    • Mardi Gras Party
    • Easter Eggstravaganza
    • Annual Meeting BBQ Luncheon
    • Summer Mixer
    • Back to School Pool Party & Movie Night
    • Halloween Bash
    • National Night Out
    • Tribute to Veterans
    • Volunteer Appreciation Dinner
    • Scotch & Cigar Night
    • Craft Fair
    • Holiday Open House   

  • Financial Advisory Committee - The purpose of the Mystic Shores Financial Advisory Committee (Committee) is to advise the Board of Directors of the Mystic Shores Property Owners Association (Board) regarding the Association’s operating and reserve fund requirements and investments.  The Committee may also assist the Association’s Treasurer with other financial management duties as requested by the Treasurer.
    The Committee monitors the Association’s investment accounts and makes recommendations to the Board and Treasurer on any changes to the investment accounts.  The Committee meets several times a year along with the Association’s investment advisors (Charles Schwab) to determine the allocation of investments in our accounts.  It is very beneficial that members have a basic understanding of the financial market environment and various options for investments from cash, money market accounts, mutual funds, etc.
    The Committee enjoys the opportunity to help manage the Association’s funds for the benefit of its members.  The reserve funds are a critical part of the Association’s health and well-being.  The Committee is focused on keeping these funds available to ensure the Association’s long-term viability.

  • Neighborhood Watch - This committee advises and assists the Board in developing and implementing programs to promote safety and crime prevention.

Don't have time to participate on one of our standing committees? Ad hoc opportunities for short term volunteer commitments are published in the email communications that are sent to property owners registered on the association website. Consider volunteering when one of these opportunities is presented!

Mystic Shores Resident Activities

The Mystic Shores community is quite active with a number of activities outside of POA-sponsored events. Activities include Bible Study, Book Groups, Bunco, Exercise Classes and more. Check our activities page (if you are a registered member of this website), newsletters posted on the website (Public Documents > Community Newsletters), or the bulletin boards at the mailbox pods for additional information. Don't see one you like? Start your own! 

United States Postal Service

With the exception of addresses on N. Cranes Mill, all addresses in Mystic Shores are in Spring Branch, TX with a zip code of 78070. Mail to residences in the 78070 zip code is delivered to one of the four community mail box pods.
To arrange for mail delivery in the 78070 zip code, the following documents must be presented at the Spring Branch Post Office (132 Blazing Meadow Rd, Spring Branch, TX, 78070 - telephone number = 830-885-4508): 
1. Photo Identification
2. Closing Documents
2. Warranty Deed
3. Bill of Sale from the  Builder
There is a $25 one-time fee for the box and keys.
For tenants, the post office requires photo ID and a copy of the leasing agreement. 
The postal employee will provide the resident with a form to be completed. On the next business day (usually), the resident will be contacted to come by and pick up a box key. The post office will assign the resident to a box at one of the four community pods. 
Note that population of the address database with zip +4 information may take up to two weeks if the residence is a new build and not pre existing. Note that initiation of mail delivery (as well as FEDEX, UPS, Amazon) may be delayed pending this update.
Location of the four community pods:
  • Astral Point - West of N. Cranes Mill on the south side of the street
  • North Mystic Pkwy - Mystic Pkwy north of FM306 on the east side of the street
  • South Mystic Pkwy - Mystic Pkwy south of FM306 on the west side of the street, directly across from the community center
  • Quest Ave - South of FM 306 just past the Rebecca Creek Elementary School on the west side of the street
To ensure the security of the mail, entry to the community pods is restricted during the time of actual delivery. 
Addresses on N. Cranes Mill are in Canyon Lake, TX with a zip code of 78133. These properties are serviced by the Canyon Lake post office and need to have mail receptacles installed at the street in front of the residence. To arrange for mail delivery, contact the Canyon Lake post office at 830-964-4100. The physical address of the Canyon Lake post office is 1300 FM 2673, Canyon Lake, TX, 78133. 


Comal County

  • Mystic Shores is located in Comal County. The county seat is in New Braunfels and all central offices are located there. We are in Precinct 4 of Comal County.
  • Our county commissioner keeps office hours on alternate Tuesdays at a Canyon Lake Fire Station and a Spring Branch Fire Station. (temporarily suspended due to COVID) Most other days, she can be reached at the county office in New Braunfels.

Local Law Enforcement & Security

Law enforcement services are provided by the Comal County Sheriff and the Comal County Precinct 4 Constable. Always dial 911 in case of emergency.
  • The Sheriff's Office provides extra patrols upon request (and when deputies are available) to check on your home in your absence. Fill out this form to request extra patrols. 
  • For non-emergency incident reports, an online service has been initiated using the form on this page
  • The Sheriff's Office offers an exceptional educational opportunity, Sheriff's Academy, annually to learn about what they do. More information can be found on their website.
  • Precinct 4 also has a Justice of the Peace and Constable. They are located at 160 Oak Drive, Canyon Lake, TX 78133. 
  • Mystic Shores is further protected by McKinley Security - (210) 535-7623

Comal County participates in a regional alert message network. This enables residents to be notified by phone or text in the case of an emergency (sometimes referred to as a reverse-911 system). Residents are invited to register for this network on their webpage.

Fire & EMS

Blue and white reflective markers are used to easily identify your property in the case of an emergency. Note that it is not required that a residence be built on the property before an address marker is placed. Placement of these markers on your property can be arranged with one of the local fire stations at a cost of $25:
Mystic Shores is protected by two local stations. There is no need to know which station is relevant for your property when there is an emergency. When you dial 911, whichever is able to assist most quickly will respond. 

Trash Collection & Recycling

Curbside trash collection and recycling services are provided by private companies including: 
Additionally, our county offers rural recycling services free of charge.
  • Rural recycling services (single stream - no need to separate cans, bottles, paper) are provided by the county at various locations during the week. Most convenient to Mystic Shores is Thursday mornings from 6:30-11:30am at the boat ramp at 22100 North Cranes Mill Road. 
  • The county's recycling facility at 281 Resource Dr, New Braunfels, TX 78132 is also open Tuesday - Friday (7am-3pm) and Saturday (8am-12pm) for single-stream recycling services.
    • Tuesdays-Fridays - Brush, tires, and large metal accepted at recycling facility
    • Tuesdays-Fridays - Free wood chips! You must have a tarp to cover the load. (call ahead to ensure availability)

Voter Registration

The county election office is located in New Braunfels at 396 N. Seguin Avenue, New Braunfels, Texas 78130. The voter registrar can be reached at (830) 221-1352. Additionally, several Mystic Shores residents are volunteer deputy voter registrars and can assist with your registration. If Mystic Shores is your primary residence, you are eligible to vote here. 
To be qualified to vote in an election, you must be registered 30 days (or more) before the election.

Vehicle & Boat Registration, Property Tax Payments

The county tax assessor/collector handles vehicle and boat registrations and property tax payments. The main office is in New Braunfels at 205 N. Seguin Avenue. New Braunfels, Texas 78130.
Their satellite locations also handle these functions:
Sattler Satellite Location Bulverde Satellite Location
160 Oak Drive
Sattler, Texas 78133
Monday-Friday 8:00 am-4:30 pm
No Title Transfers after 4:00 pm
Phone: 830-387-7621
30470 Cougar Bend
Bulverde, Texas 78163
Monday-Friday 8:00 am-4:30 pm
No Title Transfers after 4:00 pm

Public Schools

Mystic Shores is in the Comal Independent School District.
Some parents in Mystic Shores prefer to homeschool their children. Information regarding local homeschool organizations can be found on NextDoor Mystic Shores (see additional information regarding NextDoor below).

Local Libraries

Mystic Shores is served by two libraries, each with their own personality:
Both issue frequent emails outlining upcoming activities.


Comal County has a leash law. Dogs are not permitted to run free.
Comal County Animal Control can be called at 830-608-2016 if a domesticated animal is found loose.
Lost animals can also be taken to the Canyon Lake Animal Shelter Society, a no-kill shelter. And several animals are available there for adoption.

Local Vendors & Service Providers

In order to identify recommended local vendors and servicemen, the use of NextDoor and Facebook is suggested. Members of our local community are very active on these forums and you are likely to get multiple recommendations very quickly. 
  • NextDoor (search for Mystic Shores Canyon Lake) 
  • Facebook (search for Mystic Shores or Canyon Lake)
None of these social media resources represent the views or opinions of the Mystic Shores Property Owners Association.